ENPrices and booking

Prices & booking

Here you will find our prices as well as special offers and discounts. 

Adults (15+) & families

Regular swimming 
Single ticket: 46,00 DKK
6 visit pass: 230,00 DKK
Monthly pass*: 490,00 DKK

Family tickets for regular swimming
2 adults + 1 child: 94,00 DKK
2 adults + 2 children: 109,00 DKK

A ticket lasts 2 hours from time of entry to time of exit.

The spa
Single ticket: 178,00 DKK
6 visit pass: 890,00 DKK

The luxury department 
Single ticket: 59,00 DKK
6 visit pass: 295,00 DKK
Monthly pass*: 660,00 DKK

Single ticket: 108,00 DKK
6 visit pass: 540,00 DKK
Supplementary ticket**: 50,00 DKK

*Your monthly pass can only be used once a day and can only be used by the cardholder.
**If you have a ticket to the spa, you can buy a supplementary ticket to Floating. 

Children (0-14)

Regular swimming
Single ticket: 20,00 DKK
12 visit pass: 200,00 DKK
Monthly pass*: 215,00 DKK

A ticket lasts 2 hours from time of entry to time of exit.

*Your monthly pass can only be used once a day and can only be used by the cardholder. 

Senior citizens

We offer senior citizen discounts. Please let the ticket office know if you're a senior citizen - they will inform you on the prices.
As a senior citizen, it is required to show identification. 

Baby swim

Single ticket (1 adult + 1 baby): 68,00 DKK
6 visit pass (1 adult + 1 baby): 340,00 DKK

Maternity classes, 8 weeks: 861,00 DKK

Baby trunks: 149,00 DKK

Swim lessons

We offer swim lessons for children in the ages 1-5. 

Swim lessons (8 weeks): 861,00 DKK.

Other prices

Token for the lockers: 10,00 DKK
Towel: 45,00 DKK
Loin cloth: 60,00 DKK

Gift certificates 
You can buy gift certificates on our booking site. 

Historical posters
You can buy our historical posters in our ticket office. 
Price: 250,00 DKK each


To make reservations and purchase tickets online, please click here to visit our booking site.

If you do not already have a user, you will have to create a new one. If you wish to sign your child up for swim lessons, please use your child's name when you create the user. 

Click for booking site

Discount for young persons

If you are between 15-25 years old, you can buy single tickets for regular swimming for only 20 DKK on Monday-Friday after 6:00 pm. 

  • This offer is not valid during weekends and holidays. 
  • If you forget to ask for the discount when buying your ticket, you cannot get a refund. 
  • To get the discount, we require that you can show valid ID with your name, date of birth, address, and picture.